Sight seeings

War Museum

Pohjankyröntie 124, 61500 Isokyrö The Isonkyrö War Museum contains a review from 1596-1945 of the war phases that have joined the fates of women and men in our homeland. The War Museum was founded in 1997. Until 2016, it was founded and maintained by the community’s national defense associations and women’s sections. Today, the Museum Committee of the War Museum…

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Local History Museum

Museotie , 61500 Isokyrö The museum area is characterized by two traditional one and a half-storey Ostrobothnian houses. They are grouped according to the old family style with outbuildings. The main building (Piuhola House) dates from 1768. There are 12 buildings in the area, for example; 18th-century pacifier, 19th-century barn, windmill 1863, stable, workshop, sauna, lititer barn, riihi, granary and…

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Perttilä’s Suspension Bridge

Perttilän siltatie, 61500 Isokyrö The Perttilä suspension bridge is the oldest steel suspension bridge in traffic use in Finland. The bridge has a wooden deck. It was built according to the Norwegian model from 1909-1910. The length of the bridge is 86 meters. The suspension bridge crosses Perttilänkoski. The Napue Monument and Kyrö Distillery are located right next to Perttilänsilla.

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Old Church

Museotie, 61500 Isokyrö The old church is a single-nave gray stone church. It has served as a monument to the ancient administrative center of the great parish of Pohjankyrö, on the banks of the Kyrönjoki River since 1304. It is dedicated to St. Laurus, or Laurentius. The most significant attraction is the 114 murals commissioned by Count Jaakko Geet in…

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Monument to the Battle of Napue

Pohjankyröntie 28, 61500 Isokyrö The last field battle of the Great Northern War took place in Napue. In the battle, the Swedish-Finnish Caroline forces led by General Armfelt faced a twice-strong Russian army led by Prince Galitz. About 3,000 Finns, about 1,000 defenders of their homeland brought from the vicinity, and about 1,500 Russians, were killed in the battle.

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Laurinlakso’s Escape Sauna

Location: Guidance sign to the destination when driving from highway 18 to the southwest of Ventäläntie Laurinlakso’s Escape Sauna is a place from the time of the Greater Wrath where the civilian population fled the terror perpetrated by the occupiers. There are several versions associated with this place, which, however, essentially go this way; Napue’s pregnant mistress and her maid…

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Orisberg’s mansion and church

Åbergintie 38, 61560 Orisberg The mansion is the only manor house in South Ostrobotnia. The history begins from theh year 1676 when the ironworks was founded. In order to found the ironworks an artificial lake was built with dams in Orisberg. The main building was in private use, and was completed in the beginning of 19th century. The church and…

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Leväluhta archaeological site

Leväluhdantie 70, 61550 Orismala The place is an interesting sightseeign as one of the oldest, iron age water burial site, containing remains of around 100 individuals. According to the research, it has been used between years 200-800 AD. Leväluhta is worldwide one of the most significant archeological sites in Finland.

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Kyrö Distillery

Kyrö Distillery, like many other Finnish companies, got its idea at a
sauna evening: “Why not make whiskey from Finnish rye?” The distillery
found its home in the old Isonkyrö dairy building. The same building
where Oltermanni cheese was once developed. In 2014 the pans were heated
up for the first time. Ever since that time the distillery has won
numerous international awards and its products are sold in dozens of
Kyrös Visitor Center and distillery restaurant “Kyrö Distillery Home”
offers new experiences with ryefully stories and the taste of rye. You
can enjoy world-class cocktails in the warm-hearted Kyrö home, in an
idyllic rural Isokyrö landscape, hear stories on a distillery tour,
sample tastings and enjoy food made from local ingredients.