Pohjankyröntie 124, 61500 Isokyrö

The Isonkyrö War Museum contains a review from 1596-1945 of the war phases that have joined the fates of women and men in our homeland.

The War Museum was founded in 1997. Until 2016, it was founded and maintained by the community’s national defense associations and women’s sections. Today, the Museum Committee of the War Museum is responsible for its operation and maintenance. The Tradition Council consists of members from various patriotic organizations.

The museum is located in Pohjankyrö House, which is a former Conservatory and Lotta Svärd House from 1939..

In addition to the museum’s interior, there is an artillery park inaugurated in 2004. The cannon park has nine cannons, eight of which are in front use. The cannon park has infantry, field and anti-aircraft guns.

Opening hours:

heinäkuussa sunnuntaisin klo 12-15 ja suurten kesätapahtumien aikana. Muut ajat tilauksesta sopimuksen mukaan.

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Raimo Suhonen 0400 662205          Erkki Hölsö 050 5140 506

raimo.suhonen(a)hotmail.com      erkki.holso(a)netikka.fi

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