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yellow war museum building

War Museum

Pohjankyröntie 124, 61500 Isokyrö The Isonkyrö War Museum contains a review from 1596-1945 of the war phases that have joined the fates of women and men in our homeland. The War Museum was founded in 1997. Until 2016, it was founded and maintained by the community’s national defense associations and women’s sections. Today, the Museum Committee of the War Museum…

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Local History Museum

Museotie , 61500 Isokyrö The museum area is characterized by two traditional one and a half-storey Ostrobothnian houses. They are grouped according to the old family style with outbuildings. The main building (Piuhola House) dates from 1768. There are 12 buildings in the area, for example; 18th-century pacifier, 19th-century barn, windmill 1863, stable, workshop, sauna, lititer barn, riihi, granary and…

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